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Assisted Reproductive Technology Services Available under PCCC

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Effective March 31, 2017, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will allow for reimbursement for authorized assisted reproductive technology (ART) services under its Patient-Centered Community Care (PCCC) program. Veterans and their spouses may be eligible to receive ART services under PCCC; however, specific requirements must be met by the veteran in order for the services to be authorized.  

Benefit details:

  • The veteran must have been determined by VA to have a service-connected condition which resulted in his/her inability to procreate without the use of fertility treatment.
  • A maximum of three (3) completed IVF cycles will be reimbursed per couple. 
  • Costs of cryopreservation and storage are covered up to three years. 
  • A non-veteran spouse will not be eligible for authorized treatment under PCCC VA Care for the resulting pregnancy. 
  • This benefit is available under PCCC only and not through VA’s Veterans Choice Program.

Eligibility for PCCC is determined by VA and dependent upon the care needed outside of VA facilities. All care under PCCC requires prior authorization from Health Net Federal Services, LLC.

Learn more about PCCC on our PCCC Overview page.